A state-of-the-art research center that serves as a platform to transform behavioral health starting with the family unit by providing highly compassionate care in an innovative, patient and family-centered model

Our Mission

The Hermann Center aims to provide the highest level of collaborative behavioral health support for children and families beginning as early as pregnancy. We work to improve access to comprehensive mental health services for families through building a research program that responds to the mental health needs of its youngest citizens with concern, interest, and a plan to help.

The Hermann Center is revitalizing treatment of children and their families through empowering caregivers to nurture social, emotional, and neurodevelopmental foundations; strengthening parent-child relationships; utilizing multi-disciplinary teams to promote well-being; and continuing to research and develop interventions that set a new standard of care within the community.

Together, we can take a preventative approach to provide children and families with appropriate, specialized care to limit risk, decrease psychiatric needs later in life, and optimize child and family well-being.

Who We Are

The Hermann Center is comprised of board-certified child psychiatrists, educators, researchers, nurse practitioners, social workers, licensed therapists, and staff members who provide services that focus on prevention and holistic treatment to improve the mental health of children in St. Louis.

As a team we are committed to building a behavioral and mental health ecosystem that promotes outcomes, reduces stigma, and improves access to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Who We Serve

Our prevention and intervention programs are centered around serving children as early as infancy, while the center also has clinical programs and resources that can improve outcomes for the entire family unit.

We aim to provide stabilization of the family environment and help facilitate supportive services to enhance child development.

Our Services

Pediatric Psychiatric Services

Trauma-Focused Treatment

Child-Parent Therapy

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Perinatal Psychiatric Care

Evidence Based Parent Education

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