The SYNCHRONY Project is a clinical service addressing the unmet mental health needs of young children at extreme high risk for maltreatment and its consequences by integrating the efforts of clinical experts in infancy and early childhood with community family support and social service teams.  Our clinical experts provide two-generation psychiatric care, developmental screening and intervention planning, family and parent-child interactional therapy, evidence-based parenting education, health and mental health care coordination, and consultation to the STL County Family Court to parameterize safe reunifications of infants and young children in protective custody with their birth families.

Early Parent Child Intervention

The Early Parent Child Intervention Program is a clinical research service offered through the Hermann Center for Child and Family Development, which is directed by Joan Luby, MD, a Washington University child psychiatrist who specializes in the identification and treatment of early onset mental disorders.

The Early Parent Child Intervention Program is focused on the mental health and emotional development of very young children. The program’s mental health services and research studies focus primarily on helping children from infancy through the preschool period (up to age seven).

Trauma Response Program

The Trauma Response Program works to improve access to clinically appropriate and evidence-supported assessment and intervention for patients and families when a potentially traumatic event has occurred. This service excels at prevention and/or treatment of the impact associated with trauma.

The program will provide a comprehensive psychosocial assessment, treatment planning, support in accessing appropriate community resources, psychiatric care and trauma-focused treatments.

TRP Website

Perinatal Behavioral Health Service

The Perinatal Behavioral Health Service at Washington University in St. Louis provides screening, evaluation, and treatment for parents who are experiencing pregnancy-related or postpartum stress, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.

PBHS Website

Early Psychiatric Care

Washington University Outpatient Psychiatric Services provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan, along with medication management for children by board-certified child psychiatrists.